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The Business and Entrepreneurship program has three objectives that are vital for students learning how to build, manage, and grow a business. These objectives are:

One: Teach Effective Leadership and Business Skills

The scope of this class encompasses both entrepreneurial skills and leadership skills generally speaking. We take this approach because the skills necessary to build a business are mirror images of those required to build any movement or organization. Understanding your market, problem solving, communication, salesmanship, organization, and goal achieving are all skills that are widely applicable, but most effectively taught in this class.

So whether your student wants to resell legos, or organize a group for social good, they can learn the skills necessary to do so effectively in this class.

Two: Help Students Develop an Owner's Mentality and Emotional Resilience

Being an owner requires a mindset comprised personal accountability, confidence in the face of challenges, and security in one's own skillset. Owners are capable of approaching any situation, whether personal or social, understanding the factors at play, and offering skills they've developed that they've become secure in personally.

But the mindset that allows students to do this can only come after being met with plenty of failure, which is why we teach students emotional resilience. We help them understand how to cope with imposter syndrome, measure success in a way that bolsters progress and self-esteem, and combat feelings of self-doubt.

In this class, students must accomplish difficult tasks all on their own, so we weave games, activities, and discussions to help students face those tasks in a way that helps them become more confident in themselves, whether they succeed or need to try again.

Three: Give Students the Opportunity to Build a Business

This business doesn't need to be a profit seeking organization. This can also be a social good organization, non-profit, dance group, or other organization. The idea is that students learn how to become the nexus of impact in the world around them. They find a market, identify a need, create a product or service that fits that need, and sell that good or service to those who need it.

Whether students want to mow lawns or build an apparel brand, create a community choir or lobby for change on capital hill, students will how to effectively do so in this class.

Is My Student Ready?

Building a business or organization is hard for anyone, and for this reason, we recommend that students wait until they're at least 14 years old to register. However, if your student is 12 or 13 years old, and they feel like they would be ready for a challenging course, you are welcome to contact the teacher of the course and schedule an interview.

We define age limits to try and ensure the best possible experience for the student. If a student isn't ready for the class, they may have a negative experience, which could taint future experiences with the program. If you have any questions about if your student is ready, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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