Whether it's your first tournament or your 5th, it's always great to have a refresher on how tournaments work.  Check out the video and FAQ's below.

Video Notes and Topics:

  • Intro and Overview

  • 0:44 Student Requirements for Tournament Attendance

  • 1:12 Parent Judging Requirements

  • 1:42 Divisions at Tournaments - What You Can Compete In

  • 2:42 Senior Novice Division

  • 3:07 Open Division

  • 3:27 Online Events

  • 4:32 Events

  • 4:34 Spar

  • 4:55 Impromptu

  • 5:18 Student Congress

  • 5:30 Presidential Debate

  • 5:48 Oratory

  • 6:11 Extemporaneous (Extemp(

  • 6:35 Lincoln Douglas

  • 7:13 What Happens at a Tournament

  • 7:52 Competition Number

  • 8:35 Preparation

  • 9:07 Tournament Dress

  • 10:06 What Happens at an Inperson Tournament

  • 10:37 Competition Rules

  • 11:57 What Happens if You're Online in a Tournament

  • 12:57 Tournament Experience for Judges

  • 13:18 Philosophy for Judging

  • 14:40 How to Register to Be a Judge

  • 15:21 What Judges Do During Tournaments

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Register for a Tournament?

Before you register for a tournament, choose which event you would like to compete in.  If you are a beginning student, you would typically choose Impromptu or Spar.  As you learn about other events, you can start to try those out.  But you are always welcome to choose any event you would like to try.

Once you have chosen an event, go to the tournament page that will always be on the website under "Current Students."  The tournament names will change, but the tournament page will typically be the first option.  On the right hand side of the page, under "Register," click on "Competitors."  Fill out the form, hit submit, and you are registered!

Where Do I Find My Competition Number?

Your competition number is in your Student Folder in the Student Directory tab.  If you cannot find it, you can check with your teacher or email and we can help you get it.

What If I Can't Be at the Tournament the Whole Day?

Tournaments are full day events and you need to commit to being there for the full day.  You are entered into every round and you need to be there for them.  If you can only come to part of a tournament, choose other tournaments to participate in when you can come the whole day.  

The only part of the tournament that is ok to miss is the Awards Ceremony.  We really want you there, but if you need to sneak out for that, that's ok.

How Do I Check My Tournament Registration?

You can check to make sure that you are registered for the tournament and registered for the correct event.  On the tournament page, under "Register," is a box that says "View Competitors."  When you click on that box, you can see everyone who is registered for the tournament and what event they are competing in.  It can help you coordinate carpools, check out the competition and verify your own registration.

What if I Need to Change My Registration or Unregister?

You can change your registration by filling out the "Competitors" form again.  Choose which option you would like to do instead.  The form will take your most recent registration form as your current registration.  If you need to unregister from the tournament, choose "Unregister" as your event on the form and it will unregister you.

If you have any problems with registration, email or check with your teacher.