WIDL Philosophy


The Wasatch Independent Debate League is dedicated to

creating the best possible educational experience for its students.

We are devoted to the idea that students who can conduct effective

research, critically examine ideas and arguments, and thoughtfully

and dynamically express themselves reap benefits in every area of

life. We are also devoted to the idea that the best education has to

offer is challenging, inspiring, and interesting to the student.


The core principles of our approach to debate are:


  • A focus on active learning to achieve growth in skills

  • Helping students grow as people and not just competitors

  • Creating a competitive environment that bring out the best in students


We believe that speech and debate should prepare a student to

have an impact on the real world. We avoid preparation and speaking strategies which impede that goal such as spewing, formulism in speeches, and purchasing evidence and arguments. Additionally, we rely on lay judges, because they best represent the audience students will most likely face in future life.


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