History of the Wasatch Independent Debate League


2008 The Wasatch Homeschool Debate League is founded by Samuel



April 25, 2009 The WHDL holds its first tournament at Provo Community

Church. Approximately 35 students attend. Competitive events include Spar,

Impromptu, Student Congress, Oratory, Extemporaneous, and Lincoln



2009-2010 The WHDL kicks off its relationship with the Weber State Debate

team. Weber State University hosts three competitive events in the school

year. Attendance at competitive events averages approximately 50 students. 


April 9-10, 2010 The WHDL holds its first championship tournament including elimination rounds and end of year awards. The "Spring Championship" is hosted at Weber State University. 


2010-2011 The WHDL commences partnerships with the University of Utah and LDS Business college as each institution hosts the WHDL for a tournament. Tournament attendance in this year rises to an average of approximately 80 students. 


2011-2012 Samuel Martineau coaches the first ever WHDL mock trial teams. Both teams make quarterfinals, and one team advances to semifinals in the state competition. The Spring Championship tournament is moved to Davinci Academy in this school year. Tournament attendance averages approximately 110 students. 


2012-2013 The WHDL continues steady growth in numbers and competitive atmosphere. Tournament attendance increases to an average of approximately 130 students. 


2013-2014 The WHDL commences a partnership with Brigham Young

University as BYU Independent Study hosts two WHDL tournaments. The

WHDL welcomes the South Davis Liber Academy debate team into the

league. Tournament attendance averages approximately 155 students.

The WHDL mock trial teams again compete very successfully with one team

making quarterfinals, and the other taking second in state to Woods Cross

High School. 


March 1, 2014 State Student Congress is added as a competitive event in

the Wasatch Homeschool Debate League. In this event students operate as

a state congress for the state of Utah. 


2014-2015 The WHDL welcomes the American Heritage School debate team into the league. Competitions are held at Brigham Young University, the University of Utah, Weber State University, LDS Business College, and American Heritage School. Tournament attendance holds steady from the previous year. Mock Trial teams from the WHDL again compete very well. The high school team makes it to state quarterfinals. The junior high school team makes it to state finals.


June 1, 2015 The Wasatch Homeschool Debate League elects its first executive board. Board members include parents of students, former students, and teachers in the WHDL. The board approves a name change, and the creation of a new competitive division for the school year 2015-2016. 


Aug 31, 2015 The Wasatch Homeschool Debate League is officially

renamed the Wasatch Independent Debate League to reflect the direction of

the league. Student Adam Lamont wins the "new logo competition" by

drawing up the league's new logo.

2015-2016 The Wasatch Independent Debate League adds a "Senior

Novice" division for all first year competitors regardless of age. Tournament

attendance averages approximately 175 students per tournament. The

number of tournaments hosted expands to seven. Tournaments are again

held at Brigham Young University, University of Utah, LDS Business College,

and American Heritage School. WIDL students successfully compete in the

state mock trial competition with WIDL students taking first and second place

in the jr. high division, and second place and semifinalists in the high school

division. In this year Colton Scott begins teaching classes for the Wasatch Independent Debate League. A team coached by Kelly Collette from Boise, Idaho also joins the league. ​

2016-2017 The Wasatch Independent Debate League adds a new teacher this year as Jared Johnson (a former competitor in the Wasatch Independent Debate League and BYU graduate) begins teaching classes. Average tournament attendance raises considerably to approximately

230 competitors. This is in spite of adding a seventh tournament to the

competitive year. Tournaments are hosted at BYU, the University of Utah,

Weber State University, LDS Business College, and American Heritage School.

In the mock trial season WIDL teams take first and second in the high school

division and second place in the junior high division. The state championship

team competes in the national championship in Connecticut. ​

2017-2018 A number of important events and changes take place in

2017-2018 for the WIDL. The WIDL Executive Board approves a new debate

event called Presidential Debate which turns out to be a smashing success

with competitors. The debate is moderated with eight competitors in a room

in the style of a presidential debate. Enrollment is very robust for the event in its inaugural year. The WIDL also competes in its first ever tournament hosted by Utah Valley University. Suzanne Christensen from the executive board also takes two official WIDL teams to two Model United Nations Conferences, one hosted at BYU and the other at the University of Utah. At both conferences the WIDL team receives the highest possible ranking (top three in the state), and individual students receive a number of honors. Tournament attendance stays steady at approximately 230 students per tournament, but with a larger concentration of intermediate and elite students the competitive atmosphere continues to mature. In the state mock trial tournament WIDL teams take first in the high school division, second in the high school division, and first in the junior high division, marking the first year that WIDL teams are state champions in both high school and junior high divisions. A number of other teams also advance to the round of 16 and quarterfinals. The high school state championship team competes at the national tournament in Reno, Nevada and places in the top ten in the entire country (9th), placing higher than any previous team from Utah. What a year!

2018-2019 The Wasatch Independent Debate League makes a series of changes which enrich the student experience significantly. First, the league hosts a mock trial camp August 6-8, 2018. Students compete in eight teams winning team and individual awards as they prepare for the upcoming mock trial season. Second, the league hosts its first ever alumni tournament on January 5, 2019. Former students compete in Lincoln Douglas and Oratory and enjoy reconnecting with old friends and applying knowledge gained in their adult lives to debate events. The league also launches the first WIDL Humanitarian Trip on June 22-29, 2019. Thirty four league students and chaperones partner with Cultiva International in Panajachel, Guatemala to work to connect with and improve food security for Mayan populations in rural areas surrounding Panajachel. Finally, Sam Martineau directs several sessions of a WIDL Teachers' Forum in June 2019 in order to cultivate excellent teaching in the homeschooling community. 

In addition to new events, the WIDL has an excellent competitive year. The WIDL hosts seven tournaments throughout the year at BYU, the University of Utah, Utah Valley University, Weber State University, and Capstone Classical Academy. Attendance at the events continues to range from 200-250 students per tournament. A league team also competes at Model U.N. Conferences at BYU and the University of Utah taking top three and top six designations respectively. Teams from the league also compete in the State Mock Trial competition taking second place in the high school division and first place in the junior high division. As a result of the high school division champion declining to compete in Mock Trial Nationals, the second place high school team (Integritas A) is able to attend. At nationals in Athens, Georgia, Integritas takes seventh place in the nation, a record for the state of Utah two years in a row. 


2019-2020 The Wasatch Independent Debate League continues on

with its second annual mock trial camp August 6-8 2019. At the BYU

Model United Conference on November 8, 2020 the WIDL team earns

a number of individual and team awards including a top three team

ranking at the conference. The league holds its second annual alumni

tournament with a number of both alumni of the league as well as

parents of students in the league competing. Tournament attendance

continues to increase with registration per tournament rising to 210-275

students. Tournaments are held at BYU, the University of Utah, Weber

State University, and Canyon Grove Academy. Due to Covid-19

tournaments scheduled for American Heritage School and scheduled

for BYU are moved online. The move to online provides a challenge

for the WIDL team, but the transition is made successfully and even gives rise to a new paperless balloting system. In mock trial teams composed of students from the league once again compete exceptionally well before the state mock trial competition is cut short due to Covid-19. Before that point teams composed of students from the league secure both spots in the junior high division championship and one of the two spots in the high school division championship. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 the league humanitarian trip to Guatemala is cancelled as is national mock trial tournament. However, board member Suzanne Christensen as well as teacher Jared Johnson put on a national online mock trial tournament which draws teams to compete from across the country. A team composed of students from the league wins the national online mock trial tournament.



2014 "Hair Tournament."


2014 BYU Fall Classic.

Copy of Secondary Logo No Background (3)

WIDL Official Logo, courtesy of Adam Lamont.

2016 UofU Tournament.