Student Commitments:

I commit to attend every class I can reasonably attend for the full two hours. I will not pull a no show or pretend to be sick because I am unprepared or scared.

If I am going to miss a class I will inform my teacher.

I commit to complete 1-2 hours of homework every single week.

I commit to compete in at least four tournaments in this school year (there will be individual adaptation for Arizona and Online Classes based on number of tournaments available).

I will not no-show or pull out last minute from a tournament unless I have a legitimate emergency.

I understand that the following are not legitimate emergencies 1. I didn't check my calendar and I have a conflict. 2. I didn't prepare. 3. I'm scared. 4. My friends are doing something fun.

I will not participate in loser culture whilst in this class. I will not pretend that being willfully ignorant, purposefully failing, or not caring about my education are cool because I know that, to the contrary, they are stupid.

Sometimes it is easier to be too cool than to be educated. I will not be too cool for speech and debate.

I understand that in this class we will encounter and deal with information and concepts I have not yet encountered. I understand that there is a significant possibility that on any given day in class I will begin to feel lost. When I begin to feel lost I commit to ask a question instead of sheepishly sitting in my seat hoping that no one will notice that I don't get what is going on. I further commit to not decide that in order to be a worthwhile person I must reach the foolish and impossibly high bar of always understanding everything that is going on.

I know that as a part of this class I will be asked to do things that are difficult and uncomfortable. I am ready to do them because I know that I won’t progress unless I do.

I get it in my heart of hearts, inside my very soul that, though this class is fun, the purpose is not fun. I get it that I am educating myself to be a more thoughtful, more mature, more intelligent, more capable, and more successful person. I understand that I am the number one variable in my own life and whether or not I enjoy my educational experiences is primarily a result of choices I make. I understand that my failures and successes belong to me and no one else. I understand that, even though it can be difficult to accept responsibility for my mistakes and failures, I must be willing to accept that responsibility if I hope to become a successful person. I commit to walk the painful road to overcome fear, not give in to self doubt, and to stand up to laziness, procrastination, excuses, and poor planning.

I know I will make mistakes. I will not ignore them, try to hide them, or despair that I can ever change.

I recognize that it is likely that (given the difficult nature of the class) I will be tempted to give up somewhere around halfway. I will not give up.

I understand that the fact that I chose to check these boxes will be held against me should I choose to not fulfill these commitments and that that process may be at times uncomfortable.

I understand that failing to keep commitments is a normal part of growing up and mistakes are acceptable. However, I also recognize that refusing to recognize mistakes does more harm than making mistakes themselves. In addition, I recognize that purposefully failing in commitments because one feels like sticking it to "the man" is incredibly lame (like for real).

Parent Commitments:

I understand that I am registering my student for a full year class and that tuition for the year is non-refundable even if my child stops taking the class.

I understand that tuition will be due in the first week of classes, and that if I have not paid tuition, or arranged payments by October 1 I will be assessed a late tuition fee of $20.

I agree that if I sign up for automatic payments I will pay the full yearly tuition for my student, even if my student stops taking the class.

I understand that my student will be required to attend a minimum of four tournaments throughout the course of the school year and that my student will be encouraged to attend as many tournaments as would be reasonably possible.

I understand that a parent or some person connected with my family will be required to judge a minimum of one tournament per student I have enrolled in the class per year.  If I fail to keep that commitment, I will be required to pay $100 per student to pay someone else to judge for me.

I understand that my registration fee of $50 will be applied toward tuition and will reserve my student a slot in their chosen class. I understand that my registration fee of $50 is non refundable even if I choose to pull my student out.

I understand that in an effort to comply with state guidelines and to keep students and our community safe, classes and/or tournaments may be moved online (each teacher will make individual determinations in the area).

Teacher Commitments:

I promise you I will do my best to create an environment in class where you can take risks, and fail, and try really hard, and not have to worry whether or not you you wil

l be looked down upon (especially for trying hard and failing).

At any point that I hold you accountable for failing to keep commitments, I promise that I will never do it because I dislike you or want to punish you. I promise that it will be done because I am sincerely interested in seeing you become the person I know you can become.

If you don't understand something and need help, if you will let me know I promise I will do everything I am able to do to make sure that you don't stay lost. I want you to do well.

If you have critical feedback for me, I promise to listen to what you have to say. When I fail, I will not fail to learn from the experience.

I promise to be committed to your growth as an individual. I will design my class and all associated experiences with that in mind, and I will give my utmost effort each day that I teach you.

I will never stop trying to be the best teacher that I can. I understand that this commitment is what makes me good at what I do.