2021-2022 Tuition


Registration Fee $50

Registration begins in the spring each year.  Paying the registration fee holds

your place in a class.  It is applied to your tuition and is non-refundable.


Speech and Debate Tuition for:

          All Classes taught by Sam       $500

          Intermediate Class taught by Rachelle $500

          Beginning and Online Classes taught by Rachelle $400

          All Classes taught by Jantzen  $400 

          All Classes taught by Nalyn $400

          All Classes taught by Jamie $400

The registration fee is part of your tuition, so tuition is $50 less if you already paid the registration fee.


Tuition Covers weekly classes from September to the middle of May plus admission to seven tournaments in Utah throughout the year.  Tournaments will also be available to online students - either as an online student participating in an in person tournament, or in completely online tournaments. 

Tuition is due at the beginning of the school year.  The deadline for payment is October 1st.  Late charges will begin to accrue after that date ($20/month.)

Tuition is non-refundable.  


How do I register?

Fill out the Interest Form and we will send you registration information.  There are two parts to registration - filling out the registration form and paying the registration fee.  Make sure you do both.  You are not registered (and holding your spot in class) until both are done.

How is tuition paid?

Tuition can be paid with a check and given to your teacher, through Paypal in the "Store" tab on the website, or by credit card through a Paypal invoice.  If you do not have a Paypal account and need an invoice, email admin@wasatchdebate.org and we will send you an invoice that can be paid with a credit card.

I'm part of Leadership Academy of Utah (LAU).  How do I register and pay tuition?

You should fill out the Speech and Debate Registration form and pay the $50 registration fee.  On the registration form, be sure to mark that you are part of LAU and then we will invoice LAU for $350 of your tuition.  You can turn your $50 registration fee into LAU and be reimbursed.  If the total tuition is above $400, you will be responsible for it.   LAU has other requirements.  You can read their requirements by clicking on this button.

Other questions about tuition?  Contact admin@wasatchdebate.org or talk to your teacher.