Mock Trial Camp

What is Mock Trial?


Mock trial is a simulated courtroom experience in which students play the part of attorneys and witnesses. The case is based on a set of case materials which includes charges, witness affidavits, and evidence. Mock trial is governed by the rules of evidence used in real courtrooms as well as special rules pertaining to mock trial. Students prepare opening statements, direct examinations, cross examinations, and closing statements. Mock trial is not scripted, students have to come up with material to be presented in court themselves. Mock trial is an excellent introduction into the American legal system. It is also a challenging academic exercise in public speaking, argument, and critical thinking. Finally, mock trial is a great social experience as students get to work on teams in a competitive, but fun environment. The State of Utah puts on an annual mock trial competition in which teams compete and the winner of which is invited to the national mock trial tournament.


What is Mock Trial Camp?

Mock trial camp is a three day, intense, academic experience. Students are placed on teams with a team captain. Roles on the team will be distributed evenly (meaning that students try out being both an attorney and a witness) and team captains are chosen. Less experienced students are taught how to do mock trial by staff, team captains, and more experienced students. Starting after lunch on day two, each team will go to trial 3 times. For the fourth trial, top performing students will be put into new teams in roles they haven't yet competed in during the camp for a final "Adapt or Die" trial. To conclude, top teams will be awarded and top competitors will be awarded. 


Why Go?


Mock Trial Camp is a great way to get introduced to mock trial, to learn about the legal system, to develop and sharpen your mock trial skills, to prepare for speech and debate classes in the coming year, or just to have a great academic/ social experience for the summer!




Date: August 10-12, 2021

Times: 8:00-5:00 each day

Location: 2248 Cedar Fort Drive, Eagle Mountain

Who's Running It: Sam Martineau

Cost: $100 per student (some scholarships available based on need)

Lunch: Provided as part of tuition for the camp (we will accommodate food allergies)

Available Slots: 96 Students Max

Who can come?: Anyone registered for a WIDL class or any student going into 8-12 grade

Carpools?: We can get you in contact with others wishing to carpool if you let us know you would like that

Registration: Monday July 12- July 23 (or as soon as it fills up)

Case Materials Released and Team Captains Chosen: July 26

Teams Assigned: August 2 (but role assignments will not be allowed to be made until camp starts)