Registration for Speech and Debate through LAU

How to Register for Speech and Debate through LAU (Leadership Academy of Utah):

1. Register with LAU

        a. For High School students, add Debate from the Language Arts tab to your schedule.  Do not register for a Funded Course during the Fall semester as this will be your funded course.  In the winter semester, you may register for both Debate and a Funded course for a different activity, such as P.E or a Fine Arts course.

        b. For middle school students, add a funded course from the electives tab.  In the winter semester, you may register for a Funded course for a different activity.

2. Sign up for your Debate Class on the WIDL website.

3. Pay your Fee to WIDL to hold your spot in your Debate Class.    

4. Use your paypal receipt or request a receipt from WIDL for your $50.

5. Send your electronic receipt to to receive reimbursement for your paid fee.  LAU will not pay for this fee without a receipt.

WIDL has an arrangement with LAU that LAU will pay up to $350 (plus reimburse you $50 for your registration fee) during the Fall semester after you have submitted your first two assignments, including an instructor agreement and a 15-hour report plus evidence of your participation in class.  Evidence should be your own work such as notes from class, preparation for a tournament, or a tournament ballot. This can be a pdf, photo, or video. 

**Information about LAU is for information purposes only.  You should always contact them for the most current and updated information on their program.

Parent Commitments:

I understand that I am registering my student for a full year class, that tuition for the year will be $400 ($300 for Arizona/$350 Online), and that tuition is non-refundable even if my child stops taking the class.

I understand that tuition will be due in the first week of classes, and that if I have not paid tuition, or arranged payments by 10/1/2020 I will be assessed a late tuition fee of $20.

I agree that if I sign up for automatic payments I will pay the full $400 ($300 Arizona/$350 Online) for my student, even if my student stops taking the class.

I understand that my student will be required to attend a minimum of four tournaments throughout the course of the school year and that my student will be encouraged to attend as many tournaments as would be reasonably possible.

I understand that a parent or some person connected with my family will be required to judge a minimum of one tournament per student I have enrolled in the class per year.

I understand that my registration fee of $50 will be applied toward tuition and will reserve my student a slot in their chosen class. I understand that my registration fee of $50 is non refundable even if I choose to pull my student out.

I understand that in an effort to comply with state guidelines and to keep students and our community safe, classes and/or tournaments may be moved online (each teacher will make individual determinations in the area).

Teacher Commitments:

I promise you I will do my best to create an environment in class where you can take risks, and fail, and try really hard, and not have to worry whether or not you you wil

l be looked down upon (especially for trying hard and failing).

At any point that I hold you accountable for failing to keep commitments, I promise that I will never do it because I dislike you or want to punish you. I promise that it will be done because I am sincerely interested in seeing you become the person I know you can become.

If you don't understand something and need help, if you will let me know I promise I will do everything I am able to do to make sure that you don't stay lost. I want you to do well.

If you have critical feedback for me, I promise to listen to what you have to say. When I fail, I will not fail to learn from the experience.

I promise to be committed to your growth as an individual. I will design my class and all associated experiences with that in mind, and I will give my utmost effort each day that I teach you.

I will never stop trying to be the best teacher that I can. I understand that this commitment is what makes me good at what I do.