In the Wasatch Independent Debate League we are

serious about creating the most exceptional, academically

rigorous, and inspiring educational experience that a student

can find. 


The class is about speaking and debating, but is just as much

about critical thinking, being able to organize thoughts,

understanding important ideas and current events, and being

part of a community of students striving to succeed. We want

students to be able to debate, but it is more important to us

that they develop the skills and mindsets which will prepare

them to engage critically in communities, government,

business, education, and life. Classes begin with half an hour of

discussion and debate on current events, politics, moral issues,

and big ideas. During this time students get to match wits with

their teacher and are challenged to think more deeply than

they ever have before. 

In lessons students will gain thinking, speaking, and debating skills and apply them to events such as Impromptu Speaking, Spontaneous Argument, Extemporaneous Speaking, Oratory, Student Congress Debate, Presidential Debate, and Lincoln Douglas Debate.

In class, students spend their time thinking, discussing, researching, and, more than anything, speaking and debating because that is what makes the class exciting and that is how students learn best. By being in the class, students are members of the Wasatch Independent Debate League and compete in WIDL tournaments.  Competitions are motivating and challenging growth oriented experiences. They also provide a community of successful people with whom students can engage.


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