Civic Advocacy Internship

Applications are open for the 2022-2023 IEP Civic Advocacy Program! The Civic Advocacy Program gives secondary students the opportunity to effect meaningful political and social change. Where other internships or programs offer students the opportunity to observe, we are committed to the idea that teens are worth hearing and can be meaningful advocates for their ideas. The Civic Advocacy Program understands that there are young people who are passionate about creating political and social change that just need to be pointed in the right direction. Students will be taught the ins and outs of lobbying and advocacy in the State of Utah and will be given their own chance to make a change in the systems of influence around them. Apply here: or read below for further information.


The major elements of the Civic Advocacy Program will be:

  • Classes that teach the major systems of influence (think how the state legislature, committees, etc. work) in the state.

  • Reading, classes, and guest lecturers who will help students understand major issues and how advocacy results in change. 

  • Student led projects focused on the 2023 legislative session in Utah.


Students will have the opportunity to focus on the issues that are the most relevant and important to them. Students will be able to decide what issues they are passionate about, pitch projects to the group, and lead or join a team. Students will then take their ideas into the legislative session to lobby, advocate, and exercise influence in their state and community. In order to help students with that process, face to face interactions with legislators and persons of influence within Utah will be a regular feature of the program. Last year, students in the program led a rally at the state capitol, co-authored an opinion article in the Deseret News, testified in committee, met with legislators outside of session, sat on the floor of the house of representatives while in session, and conducted email campaigns all to advocate for issues that were important to them. More than any other, this program will give students opportunities to become actively involved in major current issues in the state. Students who are seeking that sort of involvement or have big issues that really matter to them are a perfect fit for our program.


Students will meet as needed for team projects, but can plan on periodic meetings leading up to the legislative session and one regular meeting per week from October-March. Meetings will focus on team efforts and learning how to effectively devote time and resources towards creating social change. Students do not need to be enrolled in any other IEP courses to apply for the program. Participants will also need to be willing to offer volunteer hours for fundraising for the program (given that entrance into the program is free).


This Civic Advocacy Program is led by Kaelin Hirschi, a senior at Brigham Young University. Kaelin is studying Public Relations with a minor in Civic Engagement and is in her third year running the program. 


The Civic Advocacy Program needs students who are interested in local politics and government, passionate about creating change, and willing to work with others to make it happen. 


Apply today!

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