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This course is for students who have never studied chemistry or understood basic concepts of chemistry.


The course  is  divided  into  four units:  matter  and  energy,  atomic  theory,  atomic structure, and introduction to electron configuration. There  is  no  textbook  or  homework for  this class. 


All  the material  will  be  provided  by  the instructor.  After  the  conclusion  of  this  course,  the  student will  be  familiar  with  concepts  of  kinetic  and potential energy, the composition of atoms, the history of atoms and periodic table. In addition, students will be familiar with scientists and their major contribution to the advance of chemistry. Each student will know how to draw the Bohr diagram, Lewis diagram, and orbital diagram for any element on the periodic table. This course is taught over the period of 30 weeks. 


 This course is divided into two parts. General chemistry and organic chemistry.


The textbook for  this  course  is  General,  Organic, & Biological  Chemistry, Janice  Gorzynski  Smith,  2nd edition. General  chemistry will be studied in the first half of the course, and organic chemistry in the second half. This class is equivalent to the first year of college chemistry.


This course is taught over the period of 30 weeks. Each week the student will attend a one hour in-person chemistry class. Students are required to do all the odd problems at the end of each chapter of the textbook. Videos on how to solve assigned problems will be available. The student must take a quiz after the study of each chapter. Combined with the observed development in class, the chapter quiz will be used to measure the student progress in the course. 

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