2020 Food Drive Results

1st Place: Provo Elite with 15,219 pounds and $7,480  (4,645 pounds/person)

2nd Place: Riverton Elite with 11,098 pounds and $2,410 (1,806 pounds/person)

3rd Place: Lehi Elite with 11,409 pounds and $2,761 (1,326 pounds/person)

Grand Total from All Classes

 39,540 pounds of food and $12,943.87 

for Food Banks!

Annual Food Drive

November 29 - December 19, 2020

The WIDL Food Drive is an annual tradition that brings thousands of pounds of food and supplies to local Food Banks each year.  Classes compete to gather the most food for the food bank.  The winning class receives a pizza party and recognition at the December tournament.

How It Works:

  • Gather food for your food bank.  You can do a food drive, ask around, or any way you want to do it.

  • Weigh what you gathered.  Using the guidelines below, give yourself extra weight for some items.

  • Report the actual weight and the adjusted weight of your donation to your teacher.

  • Deliver what you gathered to your local food bank. (Google your local food bank for instructions how to deliver there.)

  • Take a picture and send it to admin@wasatchdebate.org (not required, but we'd love to see your pictures!)


Can I gather food all day, every day during the food drive?

​     No.  Even though the food drive lasts for 3 weeks, you are only allowed to work on it for 10 of those days.​

How do I count and report my food bank donation numbers?

1. Weigh your entire donation (including the special items). Sometimes you can do this at the food bank.

2. Add or subtract based on the following:

  • 12-15 oz can of Meat (not Tuna)- Add 3 pounds

  • 12 oz can of Albacore Tuna- Add 1.5 pounds

  • 12 oz can of Chunk Light Tuna- Add 1 pound

  • 5 oz can of Albacore Tuna- Add .5 pounds

  • 20 oz Peanut Butter- Add 1 pound

  • 40 oz Peanut Butter- Add 2 pounds

  • 60 oz Peanut butter- Add 3 pounds

  • 7 Diapers- Add 1 Pound

  • 5 standard sized bottles of bottled water (or same size of soda)- Minus 2 pounds

  • Cash donations should be counted as $.15 = 1 pound (fifteen cents equals 1 pound)

For other hygiene items contact Sam individually.

3. Report both the non adjusted pounds and the adjusted pounds to your teacher.

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